Observation Test

This test enables you to check your power of observation and to improve it due to short-term memory training.

What is observation?

Observation is a quality, which enables to notice many niceties, to quickly remember them, to structure them and to quickly operate with them. Almost all the organs of senses and the parts of the brain, which is responsible for them, involve in this process.

For whom is observation important?

First of all, observation is important for those people, who, by the nature of their occupation, handle with large amounts of data. These are economists, representatives of creative professions (for example, artists remember minute particulars and then pass them to the canvas), employees of the investigating authorities. Observation is particularly important in a professional sphere of person to person, that are primarily hr-managers, as well as psychologists and military.

A quick way to improve your power of observation

There are many methods which train the power of observation. Our application enables you to improve your powers of observation in a simple and convenient way for a relatively short period of time. The application also enables you to control the dynamics of the results and to evaluate the effectiveness of training.

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